How do I use


We love to collaborate with our clients, their vendors, and sometimes their family and wedding party using our dedicated room! 

If you are joining a video conferencing meeting with BlackTie+Lace, then you will have the capability to see and hear multiple people in a single online conference room. They are several ways to get in on the action!

Your device, whether computer, smartphone, or tablet must have a front-facing camera and a microphone--not a huge stretch for anyone these days.

By computer, simple follow the link:

Once you're in, be sure your camera and microphone are enabled using the icons on the screen. 

By phone or tablet,

1. Download the free app via the App Store on Apple devices or through Google Play, or Amazon Apps.

2. Open the App

3. Under the green "join" enter meeting code blacktielace and then hit "join"

4. You're in! Be sure to activate the video and audio icons at the top of the screen to be sure you can be seen and heard.


It's ideal to download the app ahead of time (there is one for your PC as well) and these take little space, are non-invasive, and that way you'll be super user ready when it's time to meet. 

Oh, and you may be asked to "knock" to enter...just type in your name and we'll let you in.

See you in the meeting!