Frequently Asked Questions...

Is BlackTie+Lace Wedding Planning & Design a person or a group?

Both. I (Scott DeMarco) am the Principal Planner and always your main point of contact but I have a talented and fun team that works with me to coordinate your wedding.

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Your wedding is not only one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life, it's also a big investment both in time and money. You are planning an experience for yourselves, your families, and your guests. There are so many pieces to planning your dream wedding, and as an expert in all things weddings I can help provide you with structure, direction, referrals and inspiration! And I always try to make it fun and because I LOVE what I do I am here for you every step of the way. 

As a wedding planner, my goal is to create a cool, fun, unique and personal experience for you and your guests, while lowering your stress, helping you make smart decisions, and handling both big and small details that arise throughout the process. There will be things that you just don’t want to do, and I can do those for you. I’m there to ensure it all runs smoothly so that you can truly enjoy your day.

My venue has a wedding coordinator? Why do I need you?

I think it’s great to have on-site venue coordinators as partners, however they will not plan your wedding. Venue reps are a fantastic complement to what I do, and venue reps are accustomed to working with me to make your day amazing.

What sets BlackTie+Lace Wedding Planning and Design apart?

What sets me apart is that as I gain new clients I gain new friends. As a professional wedding planner I want you to feel confident that the people, places, and things that will make your day perfect are all in order. I am also a full-time planner. For some, this is their night/weekend or part-time job which really shows itself in response time and accessibility. Also, I maintain a permanent, professional office space which makes in-person meetings both accessible and comfortable.

I also stand out because I’m hours-based. This means that you only pay for the hours that you need me. If you need more (or even less) hours I can work with that! A Wedding Planner can perform hundreds of different services, some of which apply to one client and not another. I don’t believe in the striation of services—no one service is more important than another. Hours plans are assessed with you, the client, and if your needs are smaller due to the size of your wedding, the amount of services you need, or how intensely we are involved, every client deserves our complete attention. All hours are equal and there is no “hierarchy” of clients based on a package status. “Concierge style” planning is not unusual and just one of many approaches to event planning.

If you're more comfortable with flat rate pricing I offer that as well, but I do not by design offer tiered packages.

Hey! Where are the picture of the other people that work with you?

When you hire BlackTie+Lace Wedding Planning & Design you are hiring me (Scott DeMarco, Principal Planner) and while my coordinator team is amazing, I will be your point of contact from the day you start planning through your wedding day.

What are some examples of things I can help you with?

 I will help with any wedding needs. Including but not limited to:

  • Budget Help

  • Wedding Website

  • Invitations (wording, addressing, mailing, etc.)

  • Tracking RSVPs

  • Seating Charts

  • Wedding Timelines

  • Vendor Selections

  • Color Choices

  • Managing Vendor Set up

  • and more

Where is your list of services?

My answer to all things “services” is of course I perform full and comprehensive professional planning, design and coordination services. Depending on your venue/vendors many things I as a planner "could do" would be redundant with the in-house venue rep or other wedding professionals.

Think of me a general contractor. I communicate, coordinate,  and collaborate, with everyone from you, your wedding party and your family, to your venue and vendors. 

I could list a thousand things (here are some!) that I and my team can do, and some we never thought of. The goal is to plan your wedding and take care of the details so you can enjoy the process and most importantly, your wedding day!

I think I can do the planning myself, but could use some advice. Do you do that?

Sure! Check out my DIY+ option above. I also have single-session option if you’d like to come in for a “power hour” with me for advice and insight from an experienced planner.

I saw something about "virtual planning"--what does that mean? Don't we meet in person?

For those couples that hire me for 35 planning hours or more, I will provide an iPad free for your use which is instantly updated with all of your wedding planning details. It's also got some cool stuff for you to look at (even a few wedding movies!) plus it's makes our off-site communications easy via messaging, FaceTime, etc. My clients are typically folks who are "on the go" so they appreciate the "digital" options. I also frequently work with out-of-town (even out-of-country) couples who are planning their wedding 100% off-site.

I am always happy to meet in person and you'll love my planning office where we can do everything from mood boards to vendor choices. 

Will you handle payments to our vendors?

Yes and no. I will handle payments using your authorized payment method upon direct bill from your vendors. Our  "pass through billing" means we will not mark-up invoices from your vendors. This can happen with (other) planners who provide their own payment method and subsequently bill you for vendor services. 

What kind of parties have you planned? How many weddings?

I have planned weddings, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversary parties, birthday parties and corporate events in the hundreds. I also designed the opening of the Vatican Exhibit at the of “reveal” of the renovated Library of Congress Rotunda, and orchestrated a full-service catered train ride for freshman Members of Congress from DC to Williamsburg.

When will you arrive on the big day and how long will you stay?

My team and I will arrive as early as you would like us and will stay as late as you need us. A perk with us is that you pick how many hours you want us there, we don’t tell you.

How many weddings will you plan per day?

I will only have one wedding per weekend and only 10 per year. My goal is to focus on you and your day, so that it is perfect.  In most cases I bring additional coordinators on your wedding day which are usually billed at a lower hourly rate. 

How will you dress for our event?

During the day I will look professional yet comfortable so that I am able to do any needed tasks. Prior to the wedding we will change our attire accordingly so that we match your wedding dress code.

If I want you to do my DIY project, what costs will be associated with that?

I will be happy to do your DIY project—the time spent will be drawn from your hours balance. If we need to purchase materials that will be drawn from your discretionary funds.

How do we determine which vendors we recommend?

I will base my vendor recommendations on you—your price point, style, color scheme/mood, etc. Obviously, I have professional insight which I will share, however I will never exclude any vendor.

When I text, email or reach out to you, when should I expect to hear back?

If you are an active client you will hear back from me within 24 hours. (Realistically you will hear back from me very quickly, i.e. immediately to an hour or two)

Can I give you my wedding binder and have you handle the "day of?"

Yes and no. I'll be happy to handle day of coordination however I will need some time to review your binder, timeline, etc. to be sure we're able to seamlessly pull off the day. I prefer not to jump in at the last minute with no lead time so if that is your plan I would need to meet with you 30 days out minimum. 

Do you do planning for same-sex couples?

Of course! I believe love knows no bounds.