Rules and Traditions

There are many traditions and many "rules" that surround weddings--the Processional order, the best man and maid of honor speeches, the first dance, etc. Tradition is great but don'y feel bound by it and often going "off book" is the thing that can make your wedding your own.

I have seen some interesting adaptations throughout the years, and my advice to clients is there are "no rules". Here are some examples from real couples:

  • A Bride and Groom had a wedding party that were all really close friends, and the Best Man and Maid of Honor were best friends of the couple. The Bride and Groom wanted their wedding to be as stress-free for their wedding party as it was for themselves, so they decided to let their Best Man and Maid of Honor "off the hook" for their speeches but not completely. Instead of having them worry about standing up at the reception, they incorporated the speeches into their ceremony. A few minutes each, prepared, and really lovely in warmth. color and tone. 
  • Instead of bridesmaids on the Bride's side and Groomsmen on the Groom's side, one couple mixed it up, alternating men and women on each side. The majority of their wedding party were college friends of the couple. so instead of separating friends, they varied their standing order to suit.
  • Why does poor Dad have to walk behind Mom and her usher/escort? Why not have Grandma and Grandpa, who have been married 60 years, lead the Processional and walk together? Why not have the Groom escort his Mom with his Dad and then join the celebrant? You get the idea. All are creative and beautiful ways to" break the mold" and add some personal flair to your ceremony. Don't be's all good.